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T his Web page has been created to primarily sell our some call it a country store,some say convenience, store - we say grocery, store incl.hardware, giftware, and freezer lockers - convenience store business with second floor living quarters and commercial building - that still has a true country store feeling- one block from the beach, yacht, club and boat, marina on Vashon Island - Town of Burton, Washington. NOTE click on pictures below

Mom/Pop grocery, hardware, giftware,freezer locker business, Real Estate with 2nd floor living quarters,all For Sale, 208-362-5774

Peninsula behind Grocery store-convenience store-country store Grocery store-convenience store-country store front elev. Grocery store - convenience store-country store side elev.  inner Bay 1 block North of grocery store - convenience store-country store
Vashon Island, Washington (middle of Puget Sound)Town: Burton, Washington


Included in the sale of this Grocery store - convenience store - country store business is the commercial building of approximately 5,800 square feet, with business sales area, warehouse, and public freezer room-all on the main floor,and approximately 2,300 square feet of living quarters on the second floor.

The views are the outer bay and beach (one block to the South) and north one block is the inner bay, yacht Club and marina. We have owned and operated this-convenience store business since 1977.   We planned to operate this primary grocery store with hardware business until we retire.   We have lived our dream of owning our own business.   We had hoped to retire on Vashon -but I had to go to dry climate.   This business afforted us a 28 foot cabin cruiser-until I found out my wife got sea sick easy-so it had to go.   The business afforded us weekend trips to Canada-two homes and mostly send our daughter to college and teaching college and pay for it completely.   Do not get me wrong -owning your own business is no picnic-but it is rewarding.   Over the years we have extensively remodeled the building.   We have had new electrical breaker panels put in with extensive electrical rewiring and overload protectors on the big motors.   We reworked under the building.   We have done some insulating and put in some Thermal Pane windows.   We have rebuilt the stairways - put down new vinyl flooring.   We have removed the old wood shelving and replaced it with Hussman adjustable metal shelving.   Put in upright freezers, and cooler boxes.   We have installed electric defrost systems in the built-in cooler box and two in the approximately 22' by 24' Freezer room.   We have tripled the stock (merchandise) making this what some call a great country store and some call it a large convenience store; but we like to call it an above average grocery store,with hardware business- still keeping a country store feel.   95 percent of merchandise is delivered to the store.   We have extensively remodeled the second floor living quarters also which has a large living room, large country kitchen, large family room with small kitchen, formal dining area, work room, Laundry room, along with the 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.   The second floor could be converted back to two apartments with little work and expense, i might add actors like tom select looking for property,Ru


The Island has many retired people and is the bedroom community for the people who work in Seattle and Tacoma. Vashon Island is home to a number of small farms, Plus I believe what has brought famous people ( looking for property ) like Tom Selleck, Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner), Susan Rutledge (secretary L.A.Law), John Ratzenburger (mailman on Cheers) to Vashon is the many amenities.

  • Public Parks: Wingehaven, Ober Park and Activity Center, Tramp Harbor Dock(public fishing), Burton Acres Jenson Point Park (boat launching area), Point Robinson Park (Lighthouse), Lisabeula Park,
Paradise Ridge Park, Agren Memorial Park, Fern Cove, Mileta Creek, Wildlife Refuge, Spring Beach Park steam engine , Burton Street Course & Climbing Gym and BMX Disc Golf (9 hole) Course.
  • Churches:Roman Catholic, Greek and Russian Orthodox, Baptist, Evangelical, Lutheran United Methodist, and many others.

I might add the children are schooled on the Island.   This has been a good solid above average grocery, hardware business for us over the last 30 years, and also for the last three owners, and continues to grow.   We are forced to sell due to our age and my allergies; which has also forced me to move to Boise, Idaho (Dry Climate).   My wife runs the business and flies between Vashon, Wash., and Boise, Idaho each month, and I do not like this type of living arrangement.   I see her only 3 days out of a month and I must say I miss her even after 53 years of marriage.   It is time to retire.  


The TOTAL asking price is approximately $726,000.00;   but if E-2 immigration purchaser then due to immigration rules the price would have to be increased by $ 5,000.00 dollars.   In our sale price that price includes the commercial building with living quarters. fixtures, and the established business.   The merchandise is extra and approximately $55,000 at wholesale price,and note you will have to apply for liquor license and resale license for inventory transferred at wholesale price.

We want serious buyers and we do not want the Buyers to cash us out; we prefer to carry a note and deed of trust so we can have a steady income   The buyer would need approx $225,000 cash or ?,including closing costs, plus approx $55,000 to cover merchandise- and if you want to use a Real Estate Broker/Agent/or whomever- then you pay their commission; which would be between 4% up to 10% of the sale price.  We are firm on our terms, conditions, and sale price.   We looked long and hard on our Sale price. &nbsp Sales less expenses and feel the price we came up with is more than fair to any purchaser.   We feel any purchaser buying our property will give them a good living and comfortable situation, and would want to stay there for many years like the Meredith's and Stevenson's and us.   At our age ( I am 76 and my wife is 74 ) and I am in poor health we are not looking for any convenience store, grocery store or country store, or your alligator (problem property that eats money ever month) nor your property whom no one will buy because of it's being overpriced.   We will not accept collect telephone calls.   Please no agents of any kind.   We are looking for principals only   We expect upon your request for information and before we send out our package; which consists of Realtors modified forms Real Estate forms-RE-23 modified Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement, 7 pages, Addendum to REP and Sale agreement, 1 page, also the Washington's State Standard master form deed of trust LPB-20 attachment, pages 1 to 6; which in the standard general form all lending institutions include, also the last three years P and L statements, equipment list, and Property legal description. and the long term escrow company that will handle the servicing of the note.   You fax us a letter from your bank --- my fax telephone number is below---showing your good current complete credit report with rating score and that you qualify to purchase our property; which means have the down payment - cash on hand or selling property to get the cash needed.   You can also get a credit report from www.annualcreditreport.com   No bankuptcies;Include your telephone number.  You cannot borrow your down payment and expect to make it, also we will not be put in any second position   Nor will we sell to a company, or corporation, or partnership   We are not interested in stocks or bonds   or any listed assignee.   Upon receipt of your information-we will send you our Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement, and our financial package showing a breakdown of sales, operating expenses,and profit,for the last 3 years and a fixture breakdown.   After reading it- take it to a CPA and see your return on investment and cash on cash return-if you are still interested ---telephone us -- only after you receive the package---and we will discuss the rest and at that time setup an appointment to view the property   We do not want to take the property back-so we feel we have priced it right and with us carrying the Note and Deed of Trust the terms will be far better than any bank.   We would like people who are solid, like people, and owning their own business.   We will make every effort to show you how to run the business sucessfully.   We have lived our dream and now it is time to retire   Depreciation, amortization, or extending the store hours (now only 6 days 9am to 6:30pm) have not been figured in the sale price, like so many delusional people selling their business.   This is a good solid business and has given us an excellent return and a great place to live and raise our daughter.   I might add the side yard could be converted to a seasonal weed and feed operation   We are financing this sale   Buyer of course must have a large downpayment and we will carry the Note and Deed of Trust (which we prefer-due to our age).  We are looking for monthly income primarily   You could not replace the building for the amount we are asking.   You will not get a better return on your investment.  We feel this is an exceptional purchase and a great way of life for a family to live and work in this beautiful place. We will miss it and the people.

Remember depreciation, amortization, side yard sales setup and extending store hours will increase your income.

There is room to grow and potential is what you make it.
Telephone 208-362-5774 and Fax 208-362-4834     7-10-2018      f s sign
mail fred and sandy mattara 7180 Chilacot Dr., Boise, Idaho 83709.
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